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Wedding Photography Editing & Retouching

The process of editing and retouching photographs plays a vital role before the final images are supplied to the happy couple. Editing is usually a large adjustment to the whole image, such as brightness and contrast where as retouching is an adjustment such as the removal of a blemish or an unwanted object.


I can make a huge difference to images that I have taken with editing adjustments. By making a few tweaks here and there, I finish with a perfectly balanced and strong photograph.



The Priory Barn, Little Wymondley SG4 7HD


Anyone familiar with fashion and beauty magazines will already be familiar with the processes involved in retouching - these can be carried out to remove or alter 'imperfections'.

A portrait may show a blemish or an area that is undesirable. Retouching can remove them from the image by blending in the colours in the surrounding area.

There may be an item in the scene that detracts from the image, and again retouching can remove it seamlessly.

Wedding photography retouching

This can come in handy when someone isn't paying attention to the camera!.....

Photography head swop

Editing and retouching is included in all of my photography prices and packages.

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